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Dealer GEL Package

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Product Details
Brand: Foam Daddy

Foamdaddy is offering the chance to become a dealer of Foamdaddy GEL at the same time offering those who take advantage of this to get the lowest price on GEL Foamdaddy offers.

If anyone local to you needs GEL in a pinch you will be able to resell it at the retail price of $109. Take advantage of the low price and have the chance to make money at the same time.

Potential Profit selling the GEL at $109 per gallon = $8,640 ($44 profit per gallon)

Total Potential Revenue: $20,090

Included in Package

160 gallons of GEL ($55 per Gallon of GEL)

(3) Pack of Blue Color ($110 Per Pack)

(3) Packs of Red Color ($110 Per Pack)

(10) Packs of UV Glow ($154 Per Pack)

If you choose the Dealer Listing option you will have a listing on our site for 1 year letting all Foamdaddy customers who visit our site know where they can find you. This includes: Booking Foam Parties & Selling product to other local Vendors. Knowing what other vendors are in your area allows you to network and team up for large corporate events. Foamdaddy has over 200k visitors per year.

Savings Breakdown

Normal Price: 160 gallons of GEL @ $60 = $9,600 plus shipping $1568 = $11,168


Dealer Price: 160 Gallons of GEL @ $55 Free Shipping = $8,800

Savings: $2,368

Current Dealer Locations

Tempe, AZ - Foamdaddy

Kansas City, MO - Foam Party KC

San Jose, CA - Bay Area Foam Parties

Philadelphia, PA - Bucks Bubbles

Tampa, FL - Foamboree

Huntsville, AL - Big Bounce Rentals

Miami, FL - The Event Max

Austin, TX - Amanzi Party Rentals

Houston, TX - Amanzi Party Rentals

Dallas, TX - Amanzi Party Rentals

Buffalo, NY - Justincase Party Rentals

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