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Foamdaddy Foam GEL

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Brand: Foam Daddy

Ultra Concentrated Foam Solution

Foamdaddy Foam Gel is an Ultra-concentrated foam solution. It is Biodegradable and Hypo-Allergenic. Non-Staining. No Scent. Concentrate. Significantly better stacking foam than cheap powder.

  • This GEL needs to be diluted with 4 gallons of warm water to make "Foamdaddy Ready-Foam-Solution" before use. You provide a 5-gallon bucket for storage.
Foam Gel Solution Mixing Instructions:
Mix 1 gallon of GEL with 4 gallons of warm water in a large garbage can and let sit for 20 minutes. This will make your 5 gallons of solution. NOTE: MIX ALL AT ONCE and then you can store it in a 5-gallon bucket for storage.
If you are using a submersible pump, you will add 1/2 a gallon of foam solution to 40 gallons of water.
Can make 10 gallons of Base Hand Soap (150 - 8 oz bottles)
  • You will need one 5 gallon bucket with a lid for mixing and storage per gallon of GEL. It is always best to pre-dilute your solution before your event. This solution can be stored for years after diluting. Please do not allow it to freeze.
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