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Silent Night Snow Machine

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Brand: Foam Daddy

The new Antari S-500™ is a large capacity “Silent” operation DMX controllable snow machine. This is great to add the feeling of it snowing to any event big or small.

When renting a Foamdaddy machine the process is seamless. We will ship the machine to your location before your event, arriving 2-3 days prior for testing and knowledge of the operation. After your event you will be required to drop the machine off at your local UPS shipping location by using the shipping label provided by Foamdaddy, you will need to print this shipping label from your email.
  • We offer the chance to purchase your machine after your Rental for $1200. Just let us know.

Silent Night Snow Machine Specs:

  • Nozzle is truss mountable while control and fluid remain conveniently on the floor.
  • Power Consumption: 1,200W
  • Output : 400 ml / min
  • Tank Capacity: 20 Liter
  • DMX: On board

The Antari S-500™ is a large capacity “Silent” operation DMX controllable snow machine. The Antari S-500™, is housed in a durable road case with wheels and features a 5.2 gallon (20 Liter) capacity fluid tank, a 32.8 foot (10 meter) long air hose for easy rigging on a stand or truss, and adjustable wind volume and flow rates. The road case features a small access door for the air hose so can the case can closed when in use for "Silent" operation. Optional accessories include a Pan Motor, a 32.8 ft (10m) air hose extension, wired remote, wireless and wireless DMX remote control.

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