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Standard Foam Cannon (Semi Portable)

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Brand: Foam Daddy

Creates volumes of foam in an elevated position. Covers a 20ft x 20 sq ft area 3ft high. The Cannon Extension will allow it to shoot 25 ft. You are able to carry this around with a shoulder strap or attach it to the stand. Comes with 4 hours of solution (Consistent run time). This Standard Foam Cannon is great for any backyard events.

    Included with Standard Foam Cannon:

    • Includes (1) Submersible pump
    • 7.5 amp Motor
    • 1 gallon of GEL solution (4 hours)
    • Stand
    • Shoulder strap

    Standard Foam Cannon Specifications:

    • 14in x 14in x 16in
    • 10 lbs.
    • Attached 22ft cord
    • Covers a 20ft x 20ft area 3ft high./Shoots 25ft
    • 13 amps total with pump and machine.
    • Standard 110v
    • Semi portable
    • SOLUTION SAVER (uses half the amount of solution compared to large foam machine)
    PLEASE NOTE: This does not include hose or mixing bucket for your foam solution. You will need to provide 50 gallon drum, 5 gallon bucket with lid for storage and any standard garden hose.
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